About Us

TruthFilter is the culmination of 20 years of innovation in the area of collective intelligence, crowd-sourcing and filtering open source content. Incorporated in 1999, KnowledgeFilter Inc. launched three years before Wikipedia was founded, proving the usefulness of the collective generation and organization of collective knowledge. Our patented technology has been used by numerous successful companies, including, where our pro and con review system has been credited with helping to boost sales by $2.7 billion.


Although our current focus is finding a partner to help implement the TruthFilter system as a solution to the 'Fake News' problem threatening our democracy, our patented corroboration engine technology is also being used to develop an 'Idea Elevator' app for 'co-curating' innovation and invention ideas, and for the development of an 'Open SourceBooks' authoring for system for collective non-fiction book creation, editing and monetization. We are currently seeking a partner in the media or technology sector to further develop this product.